In case you already have a product, but you want to build an additional feature – you can work with us. Our team can build the additional feature you want by providing a service which includes:

  • Brainstorming on product functionalities.
  • Making a development plan and defining key deliverables.
  • Developing the product by seeking your feedback and approval on each one of the key deliverables.
  • Provide support after the product has been delivered.

Important points

  • You participate in
    • Defining the functionalities of the product,
    • Defining and approving the development plan
    • Approving the deliverables
    • Processing payments.
  • We take care of
    • Development
    • Integration with any systems
    • Testing
    • If you need it – support after the product is delivered
  • You preserve
    • The Intellectual Property Rights on the product.
  • You do not pay for the whole product upfront! You pay a starting fee which will allow us to start building the product. After that you will make a payment on each one of the key deliverables. The amount of money you pay on each of the deliverables will be agreed before signing the contract.

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