Miracle Star offers a Machine Learning Specialization. The specialization is composed of four courses

All courses from the specialization will be held online. Each course has a different price – refer to the course page for more details. It is not necessary for a student to enroll in the whole specialization, one can choose just one of the courses and enroll in it. Upon the completion of the specialization, each student will have a portfolio of at least 8 projects in Machine Learning which can be used when applying for a job. In fact, the projects will be far more than 8 as many of the homework exercises will be mini-projects. Currently, students won’t get any certificates but only practical knowledge. The specialization is targeted at giving the students the tools and the knowledge they can use in their day-to-day engineering careers.

The lecturer for all courses in the specialization is Stefan Lazov (guest lecturers may be invited for some lectures in the more advanced courses). Stefan has 7 years of experience in software development and 5 years of experience in Machine Learning. He has worked on various projects related to both Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the American University in Bulgaria (conferred with Honors) and a Masters Degree in Advanced Computer Science from the University of Cambridge (conferred with a Distinction).

The main programming language which will be used in all courses of the specialization is Python. When it comes to Deep Learning we will use PyTorch. Apart from that students will be able to gather knowledge in libraries such as Scikit-Learn, Matplotlib, CV2, Pandas, NLTK, Spacy, and many more.

There are no grades or certificates for any of the courses as we mentioned. All students can ask the lecturer any questions at any time while the course is ongoing. Instead of a grade, each student will receive detailed individual feedback on all of the projects and homework tasks that will be done during the specialization. In addition, each student will have several calls with the lecturer during any of the courses. The purpose of those calls will be to both give feedback to the student on how they are performing and to give directions for future improvement.

As of the moment, signing up is currently open for two courses in the specialization Introduction to Machine Learning and Contemporary Neural Networks and Some Applications . Please, see the course pages for more details on how to sign up.

Each course from the specialization has two groups one of those groups is taught in Bulgarian, the other in English. Each student can choose the group to which they want to join.


  • Am I going to get a recording of the lectures? – Yes, each student will receive a recording of each one of the lectures
  • Can I communicate with other students? – Yes, there will be a Slack channel for the course, we will all communicate there
  • How often can I communicate with the lecturer? – Whenever you have a question, a problem or anything which concerns the course or improving your Machine Learning knowledge. You are more than welcome to ask the lecturer any questions which go beyond the boundaries of the course, ask for additional reading, etc.
  • Is there a recommended textbook? – No, each student will receive the notes for the next lecture after the end of the previous one. There will be references to books and papers in the notes, so you are more than welcome to read those and ask the lecturer questions about them
  • How the lectures will be held? – The lectures will be held online over Zoom
  • Can I miss lectures? – Attending or missing lectures is your own responsibility and decision
  • Will I get a recording of the lecture if I did not attend? – Yes, you will also be able to address any questions to the lecturer you have over the Slack channel
  • Will I get a certificate? – No, but the completed practicals and the submitted research reports will serve as a very good portfolio projects for you
  • Will the graduates receive any job offers? – Miracle Star will negotiate potential partnerships with software companies looking for machine learning engineers. The short answer is maybe but the purpose of the course is to prepare you for entering the ML field and finding a job by yourself. If any additional opportunities arise, you will be notified.

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